OptiTrack for VR

We build the world’s most accurate and easy to use wide area VR trackers - by optimizing the performance metrics that matter most for Virtual Reality tracking. The result is ultra-low latency, butter smooth tracking for any Head Mounted Display (HMD) or Cave automatic immersive environment.

Precision Graphic - 'Access Granted'

Watch "Ghostbusters: Dimension Hyper-Reality"

Exceptional 3D precision and accuracy

In order to reproduce convincing stereo images from the viewer’s POV, there can be no jitter, noise, or other artifacts from the tracking system. Motive:Tracker software, combined with our Prime Series cameras and Micron Series calibration tools, produce the most reliable 3D data on the market—capable of sub-20 µm accuracy in optimal conditions. For VR, this means smooth, artifact free tracking for the most compelling immersive experiences available.

Prime 13W

Prime 13W for $2,499

82° FOV, 240 FPS

High-speed, low-latency tracking

From high-speed cameras featuring image-stopping global shutters and fast-discharge LEDs, to a pipeline that processes data from photon to rigid body solve, OptiTrack has been engineered to track interactions with imperceptible latency.

Jamie Kelly Headshot
"OptiTrack provides ultra low-latency positional tracking, enabling us to track multiple users, props, and other objects across large distances wirelessly without drift in our out-of-home entertainment centers."

Jamie Kelly

CEO of VRcade

Drift Free Tracking

Drift-free tracking, pretty much anywhere

Track a handful of HMDs in a conference room, or a dozen gamers competing in a large scale VR arena. Our long range, wide angle cameras provide expansive, globally-accurate tracking. OptiTrack systems are easy to expand at any time by adding more of the same or even different model cameras that are from the same family.

Head, controller & body tracking

Accurately track a room full of HMDs or shutter glasses, controllers, hands, fingers, and even the user's complete body all with a single tracking system for truly immersive VR experiences.

Head tracker
Sync with shutter glasses

Simple sync to shutter glasses and other devices

Integrate your OptiTrack system with shutter glasses and other input, display, or tracking devices via the OptiHub 2 for Flex Series cameras and eSync 2 for Prime Series cameras.

The industry's most open optical tracking architecture

Our free developer tools provide access to camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, rigid body 6DoF position and orientation, and nearly everything in between. Our NatNet SDK provides free, open, and well documented access to OptiTrack’s real time stream for easy integration into a range of tracking and visualization technologies. Stream data unicast or multicast, Y up or Z up with a single click, stream into industry standards including VRPN and trackd. Have a look at our Developer Hub for more information.

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Affordable pricing, right on the website

Accessible pricing is at the heart of our effort to democratize motion capture. Simply put, you will not find production-ready motion capture priced more competitively than an OptiTrack system. If you want to learn which system is right for your budget, head over to our System Configurator to compare specs and prices.

Fit more cameras into your budget

Our low pricing means you can either double the camera count you could afford from the competition, or build an even better performing system that will cost half as much. Now, read that line one more time - we’ve changed the industry forever.


Money back guarantee

If the OptiTrack system you purchased is not exactly what you need for your specific application, then we want it back. Just return the non-disposables within 30 days and we’ll refund your money less a 10% restocking fee. No questions asked.

Veteran motion capture support team

Our installation, training, and support team is staffed by some of the most seasoned veterans in the motion capture industry. Choosing OptiTrack means partnering with many of the engineers and integrators that built motion capture into what it is today.

Taylor Wilson Headshot
Taylor Wilson Director of Software working in motion capture since 1995
Shagan Overman Headshot
Shagan Overman Customer Experience Manager working in motion capture since 2009
Steven Andrews Headshot
Steven Andrews Customer Support Engineer working in motion capture since 2007
Morgan Jones Headshot
Morgan Jones Software Engineer working in motion capture since 2001
In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

Central to OptiTrack's blend of high performance and low price is our in-house manufacturing facility, located at our Oregon HQ. Because we're able to mill, etch, solder, assemble and calibrate every major component of our hardware on-site, we can pay meticulous attention to the quality and performance of your system.

Red Ethernet Cable

Off-the-shelf I/O technology

OptiTrack systems incorporate off-the-shelf interfaces like Cat6 Ethernet and USB, so securing a replacement is as simple as a trip to the electronics store.

Join the world's largest motion capture community

OptiTrack users form the largest community of motion capture professionals in the world. From enabling a quadriplegic to drive a race car with his head, to creating the largest volume in history, to teaching robots to fly—together, they are accomplishing remarkable things. Come join our public forums, where you can talk shop with other users, as well as the OptiTrack support and dev teams.

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