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New OptiTrack Cameras Available Now!
With the introduction of the expanded OptiTrack product line, NaturalPoint continues its tradition of introducing products with amazing features and value. OptiTrack V100 optical tracking cameras are packed with high-end features while maintaining a great price point.
OptiTrack FLEX:V100
The FLEX:V100 is designed for marker tracking (motion capture); the camera includes built-in strobed IR illumination in an all-inclusive, sleek and sturdy aluminum case.

The SLIM:V100 is perfect for custom designs and integration, allowing for lenses, cases, and filters to be purchased separately for this made-to-order optical tracking solution.
OptiTrack SLIM:V100 and FLEX:V100
Camera Details
The V100 series of cameras have these common features:

  • Grayscale Video @ VGA Resolution
  • 100 FPS Pre-Processed
  • 50 FPS RAW Video
  • Built-in Image Processing
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Hardware Camera Sync
For complete information on the OptiTrack camera models, see our Camera Comparison Table.

New Software Makes 3D Tracking Easy
Point Cloud toolkit The Point Cloud toolkit makes 3D marker tracking as easy as three cameras and a simple calibration. Preview your real-time capture volume and export XYZ tracking data to your custom application!

This toolkit helps users dramatically expedite implementation and data retrieval by removing much of the time-consuming and resource-intensive programming previously required.

Upcoming Event: SIGGRAPH 2007
SIGGRAPH 2007 The 34th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques will play home to the public release of NaturalPoint's Full Body Motion Capture package. It will include six cameras, general accessories, and Full Body software for an exceptionally low price of less than $5,000. For an early preview, you can watch video of MoCap in action from an interview at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this past March.

What's Coming?
With the Point Cloud toolkit already released and Full Body Motion Capture slated for early Fall, plans are in place to release a Rigid Body toolkit before the year ends. OptiTrack SDK Rigid Body will allow animators and enthusiasts to track points in 3D space, then map them to whatever objects they desire, for full 6DOF tracking.

OptiTrack SDK
The OptiTrack V100 camera line is supported with SDK access, at no cost, to allow programmers to build their own applications. Need suggestions on the ideal setup for your own project? Contact sales@naturalpoint.com.

If you have any questions please email us!

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