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Your Own Motion Capture Studio for $5K!

Beginning today the Foundation Package is available for preorder! OptiTrack Motion Capture
Our motion capture solution has been tested by game developers, computer graphics artists, and motion capture enthusiasts worldwide. The Foundation Package is a state-of-the-art motion capture experience. Expect amazing performance at an amazing price.

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The Foundation Package includes:

  • 6 OptiTrack FLEX:V100 cameras
  • ARENA Motion Capture Software
  • Necessary Cables
  • 2 USB Powered Hubs
  • Calibration Tools
OptiTrack Foundation Package
Shipping Details
Preorders will be charged at the time they are placed, and ship December 3. The wait is almost over! We are happy to announce that public release is now officially just weeks away. Preorder now!

Product Details
FLEX:V100 Cameras
ARENA Motion Capture Software The FLEX:V100 motion capture camera offers VGA resolution at 100 frames per second, built-in strobed IR illumination, onboard image processing and comes standard with a high quality lens for amazing accuracy.

ARENA Motion Capture Software
ARENA software provides a powerful tool for capturing some of the most difficult motions in optical tracking. Data exports in BVH and C3D formats, with a real-time plugin to MotionBuilder also available.

Recommended Accessories
Motion Capture Suit
Professional and durable motion capture suits are available from NaturalPoint in Small to Extra Large sizing.

Markers for MoCap Suit
A 5/8" semi-soft marker set includes 28 body markers, and six 7/16" hard markers for hands, and is the most practical motion capture marker set. For more specialized projects, a 34 marker 7/16" set is also available.

Upcoming EventI/ITSEC 2007
I/ITSEC 2007
NaturalPoint will be exhibiting ARENA and the currently unreleased Rigid Body Toolkit at the military-oriented tradeshow I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida from November 26-29. If you will be in the area, please visit us at booth #4239 for live demonstrations.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please visit www.optitrack.com.

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