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NaturalPoint Now Offering 18 Camera and Two Actor Support

ARENA continues to gain traction and receive praise. It is now being used by some of the world's most prominent game developers and entertainment studios to generate production motion capture data. Two Actor Motion Capture Demo Experienced industry veterans and first-time users are discovering that mocap doesn't need to start at $50,000. OptiTrack packages start at just $5,000, a cost that expands the market for high-quality motion capture like never before.

ARENA Export Formats
ARENA integrates into your workflow by supporting popular export formats like BVH and C3D. Additionally, a real-time plug-in for AutoDesk's MotionBuilder allows for character re-targeting and live previews. A free SDK allows users to write their own plug-ins for game engines or other 3D animation software. Sample data is available for download.

New Features and Improvements
ARENA precision history The FLEX:V100 camera has been setting new standards with its combination of value and powerful features, and it just got better. NaturalPoint has released an upgrade which adds several premium grade features to FLEX:V100 cameras. In-camera masking will now block false markers before they are processed, helping to reduce USB transfer and system processing loads. Cameras are now numbered automatically based on sync chain location. This provides visual feedback to help quickly identify and solve sync problems that might affect calibration. Lastly, the addition of full grayscale marker calculation brings greater precision and fidelity, an industry first for an affordable camera. Watch a video demonstrating the improved precision.

Coming Soon...
Be on the lookout for NaturalPoint's facial capture software, ARENA Expression, available later this summer. Staying true to the notion that mocap doesn't have to be expensive, the family of OptiTrack products is about to welcome a new member. SIGGRAPH 2008 NaturalPoint will release more details about Expression at www.OptiTrack.com soon.

Make sure to witness live demonstrations of low cost, high-quality motion capture at SIGGRAPH 2008 in August. Sample data, and the premiere of Expression, will be available at NaturalPoint booth #733.

Position Available
NaturalPoint currently has an opening for a graphic artist with experience in 3D content creation and video. Familiarity with MotionBuilder and motion capture is desired. Send resumes and work samples to employment@naturalpoint.com.

For more information about OptiTrack, or any NaturalPoint product, please visit www.NaturalPoint.com or contact sales@naturalpoint.com.

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