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Arena Expression: Cutting Edge, Affordable Facial Mocap

Arena Expression logo Arena Expression has started shipping to enthusiastic customers looking for high quality, low cost facial mocap. Expression easily exports to C3D, or streams real-time into FaceRobot, MotionBuilder or Daz Studio. It even works with your existing V100 cameras if you already own an Arena mocap installation. The software supports use of scene audio and video cameras, aiding in hassle-free editing. Robust, easy to use, and compact enough to fit on a desktop, NaturalPoint has once again helped democratize the motion capture industry!

Arena Expression

Bundles Available
Expression Foundation Package
Save even more money with an Expression or Expression Pro Foundation Package. Choose from the basic six camera package including all necessary cables, calibration tools, and software, or add a camera, mounting kit, and facial marker set to enable use right out of the box. For a full list of items and pricing, visit the Face Motion Capture section of our website.

Already Have Enough Cameras?

Since Expression works with the same cameras many of you already use for full body motion capture, some may wish to purchase just the software. If so, consider picking up a hardware key and licensing Expression to it. The hardware key allows the software to run without any cameras connected to the PC. It's the ideal solution for those who capture in one space and edit in another.

Facial Marker Set Accessories

Don't forget to stock up on facial markers and think about camera mounting needs. Kits for both are available, letting you get started as quickly as possible. Visit the Face Mocap section for a complete list of facial mocap accessories.

Share Your Project

If you have OptiTrack news or usage examples to share, please send us an email with details. Your project might be featured at MotionCapture.com!

For more information about OptiTrack, or any NaturalPoint product, please visit NaturalPoint.com or contact sales@naturalpoint.com.

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