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NaturalPoint is pleased to announce the next generation of high-performance, low-cost, motion capture technology—just in time for SIGGRAPH 2009.

Capture Your Vision® in more applications and with higher fidelity than ever before, using our new line of mocap hardware combined with feature-rich software upgrades. At a fraction of the price you would expect, OptiTrack delivers the world's premier motion capture value proposition.


FLEX:V100R2 feature demo The FLEX:V100 R2 is a complete redesign of the breakthrough FLEX:V100 camera. It introduces a robust set of new features, including: user changeable lenses, on-board MJPEG compression, sync signal over USB cable*, and high power IR LED Strobe mode*.

Interchangeable Lenses
The V100 R2 can be optimized for a variety of applications with custom-designed, interchangeable lenses. Choose between 3.5mm, 4.5mm, and 5.5mm EFL lenses to adapt your cameras to your ideal capture volume. All three lenses feature a special spring focus assist, very low distortion, and fast F#1.6 apertures for increased tracking distance. Typical applications utilize 3.5mm EFL for capture volumes in smaller spaces, 4.5mm for larger capture volumes and camera counts, and 5.5mm for facial capture.

FLEX:V100R2 lenses

MJPEG Compression
On-board MJPEG compression for V100 R2 cameras offers real-time grayscale video at full frame rate (100 FPS) and full resolution (640 x 480) with 1/10th the required USB bandwidth of uncompressed video. Compact, high-quality grayscale video enables image preview with multiple cameras—an indispensable tool for camera aiming and focusing during rig setup and calibration. Additionally, MJPEG preview can help with determining ideal marker placement, marker range and highlight light interference issues.

OptiSync is NaturalPoint's custom synchronization system, which sends and receives sync signals over USB cable. As a result, cabling is reduced by 50%, which enables faster and simpler setup.

High Power IR LED Strobe Mode*
The V100 R2 supports two power modes. The standard power mode is USB power compliant for use with off the shelf hubs and direct connections to a PC.
When used with NaturalPoint's OptiHub, the cameras can operate in high power mode to draw additional power for the Strobe.

The extra power increases capture range and allows for wider FOV lenses, like the new 3.5mm lens, or the longer range 5.5mm lens. It also allows smaller capture markers to be used, resulting in less marker overlap and a less obtrusive mocap suit.

V100 Compatibility
The V100 R2 offers the flexibility to be used with existing V100 camera installations, in traditional Wired Sync mode. For OptiSync, all cameras must be R2.

*Only enabled with the OptiHub, available by SIGGRAPH 2009. The OptiHub is a custom USB High Speed hub designed to complement the R2 camera.

Arena Software banner

ARENA & ARENA Expression 1.5 Software Release

Version 1.5 of ARENA brings the following new features and enhancements to the OptiTrack mocap suite:
  • Support for FLEX:V100 R2 cameras
  • Export FBX skeleton and marker data for ARENA, and facial marker data for Expression
  • Support for multiple scene A/V cameras (DirectShow) and MJPEG scene video
  • Improved 3D reconstruction performance due to multiple-processor core optimizations
  • Improved performance for large camera counts
  • Enhanced C3D export capabilities
  • Enhanced editing tools for more efficient post-capture cleanup
  • General usability improvements
We would like to thank all of our customers who contributed suggestions and feature requests during development and testing. We hope you recognize the changes we've made based on your feedback. You can find the full software change list on the Downloads page of the OptiTrack site, or on our online forums.

Tracking Tools 2.0

Tracking Tools 2.0 is NaturalPoint's next generation real-time 3D optical tracking solution. A comprehensive successor to the Point Cloud and Rigid Body Toolkits, Tracking Tools 2.0 provides a highly integrated environment for calibration, tracking, recording and streaming. Highlights of the new software include:
  • New fully customizable user interface
  • Integrated calibration and streaming in a single application
  • Updated API with improved camera access
  • Support for multiple simultaneous capture volumes
  • Support for interleaved volumes for high frame rate tracking
  • Improved rigid body tracking
  • Free upgrade for current Rigid Body Toolkit owners
  • Upgrade discount available for Point Cloud Toolkit owners
Look for a full reveal of Tracking Tools 2.0 in an upcoming newsletter!

Download the Tracking Tools 2.0 Beta 2.


All SIGGRAPH attendees are invited to stop by the NaturalPoint booth, where we'll be showcasing the V100 R2 camera with ARENA and Expression 1.5, as well as our new Video Overlay Technology. Our booth number is 2401, located just inside the main entrance.

See you in New Orleans!

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