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NaturalPoint is pleased to announce the final release of Tracking Tools 2.0 software, as well as our new purpose-built USB hub, the OptiHub. Combine the Tracking Tools 2.0 with the FLEX:V100R2 for highly accurate rigid body tracking and live streaming systems, starting as low as $3,200.

Tracking Tools

Tracking Tools 2.0
Tracking Tools 2.0 is NaturalPoint's new full-featured 3D optical tracking application. It integrates the Rigid Body and Point Cloud toolkits with a host of new, powerful features, creating a comprehensive and flexible solution suitable for a multitude of tracking applications.

Tracking Tools 2.0 is a free upgrade for current Rigid Body Toolkit owners. Point Cloud Toolkit owners are eligible for an upgrade discount.

Download Tracking Tools 2.0 Final.

Improved rigid body tracking
Tracking Tools 2.0 features a more robust rigid body tracking engine than previous generations. Additional markers on rigid bodies now offer improved redundancy to compensate for marker occlusion or dropout.

Integrated calibration and streaming
Camera calibration and streaming are now both supported within the same application. Tracking Tools merges functionality from both the Point Cloud and Rigid Body toolkits for simplified workflows and more comprehensive project files.

Updated API with improved camera access
Integrate Tracking Tools directly into custom applications using the Tracking Tools SDK, which includes an expanded API. Once integrated you'll have real-time access to camera video output, 2D marker data, 3D point cloud, and 6DOF rigid body tracking data. With a simple interface, complete documentation, sample applications, and an active online community, integrating the Tracking Tools API with your custom application or third-party software is a snap.

Multiple simultaneous capture volumes
Use customizable Camera Groups to create multiple capture volumes for simultaneous capture, all controlled from the same PC and a single software installation.
  • Ideal for small clustered volumes, such as shooting galleries, where only a rifle and helmet need to be tracked. Increase cost efficiency by arraying multiple volumes side by side, all connected to the same PC.
  • A typical application utilizes one control PC to manage 24 cameras dispersed across four adjacent 6-camera volumes. Rigid bodies can be shared across volumes, and tracked individually, which is ideal for common marker placement on rifles or helmets.
  • Easily manage the volumes in Tracking Tools by creating bounding regions for each, as well as color-coordinating groups, cameras, and objects in the UI to distinguish each in-software.
Interleaved volumes for higher frame rates
Interleaved camera groups can offer increased frame-rate capture by offsetting the shutter in separate cameras groups within a single capture volume. Staggering the frame cycles of multiple overlapping camera groups allows each group to alternate tracking the same objects. By combining the tracking data of interleaved volumes—each individually capturing at 100 FPS—you can achieve frame rates of 200-400 FPS and higher from FLEX:V100R2-based systems.

New fully customizable user interface
The Tracking Tools user-interface is tremendously flexible and adaptable, enabling you to organize its layout according to workflow and preference:
  • Move, resize, stack, and tab settings panes.
  • Create multiple viewports for simultaneous visualization of a variety of view types and angles.
  • Build custom, floatable toolbars for easy access to common tasks and menu items.
  • Utilize the default Tracking Tools layouts, which are optimized for particular tasks in the workflow.
  • Save projects in a single file for persistent UI layout, settings, camera arrangements, calibration, and trackable objects.


Unleash OptiTrack's full potential with the OptiHub, NaturalPoint's premium, purpose-built USB hub. Maximize camera efficiency with on-board voltage regulation and high-power mode. Improve integration into larger ecosystems through shutter glasses support and external synchronization. Simplify your workflow and streamline your rig with meaningful status LEDs, removable mounting brackets, and OptiSync over USB cable.

On-board voltage regulation
On-board voltage regulation provides consistent power to USB ports for stable distribution to cameras, unlike generic hubs which have variable voltage based on hub power load. Reliable and stable power to every camera maximizes IR strobe brightness, resulting in more consistent tracking and fewer dropped markers.

High power mode
High Power Mode is the V100R2's secondary power mode, specifically designed for use with the OptiHub. It allows cameras to draw additional power for the Strobe, which increases effective capture range, allows for wider FOV lenses, and allows smaller markers to be used.

Sync signal over USB
With OptiSync, NaturalPoint's custom synchronization system, sync signals are sent and received over the USB cable. As a result, cabling is reduced by 50%, which enables simpler setup and cleaner rigs.

Shutter glasses support
Both NuVision and RealD shutter glasses are now supported for integration into OptiTrack environments. External syncing allows for the staggering of the camera strobe and shutter glasses sequencing, eliminating interference between the two.

External sync in/out
Integrate OptiTrack into large-scale tracking and analytical ecosystems with external sync in and out. Utilize either frame triggers or triggers to free run to synchronize frame cycling with external software controls and hardware components like force plates and shutter glasses.

USB uplink with status LED
Meaningful status LEDs enable monitoring of each ports activity, including whether the port is operating in high-speed or full-speed mode.

Removable mounting brackets
Secure your OptiHub with custom, removable mounting brackets for sturdy, low-profile integration into mocap rigs.

For more information on integrating OptiHubs into both V100- and FLEX:V100R2-based systems, download the following schematics:

OptiHub Setup OptiHub Setup

I/ITSEC 2009

All I/ITSEC attendees are invited to stop by the NaturalPoint booth, where we'll be showcasing the FLEX:V100R2 camera, the OptiHub, and rigid body tracking with Tracking Tools. Our booth number is 1080.

See you in Orlando!

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