May 2012 Issue

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The Flex 13—1.3 MP motion capture for $999

The Flex 13—1.3 MP mocap for $1,099

Now shipping to customers worldwide

Enjoy OptiTrack trademarks like world-class lenses, industry leading image processing, and stunning industrial design with the Flex 13—the first camera in the world to offer megapixel motion capture for less than $1k.

The cleanest data that $1k can buy

The Flex 13’s 1.3 MP imager offers over 4× the resolution of a V100:R2. When combined with our real-time processing algorithms, it can track motions within a tolerance of less than 0.5 mm.

Maximize your capture volume

When deployed with the default 56° lens in a standard 20’ × 20’ arrangement, the Flex 13 can attain an active capture to setup area ratio that is among the largest in the industry.

Specifically tuned for mocap

The Flex 13 is designed for motion capture from the ground up. From anti-reflective M12 lenses for increased light transmission to animation-friendly 120 FPS capture rate, every facet is tuned for mocap. We’ve even included our customizable Aim Assist button for simplified, single-user setup.

Flex 13 Aim Assist button for easier setup.

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Flex 13

How does the Flex 13 stack up?

  Flex 13 Bonita 10
Resolution: 1280 × 1024 1024 × 1024
Area in Pixels: 1,310,720 1,048,576
Pixels per $: 1,312 262
Price: $1,099 $4,000

Ready to upgrade your V100 cameras to Flex 13s? Many customers have resold their used systems in the OptiTrack Marketplace on our forums.

Customer Spotlight: Luma Pictures

Customer Spotlight: Luma Pictures

Translating concept art and storyboards into the animated mannerisms of a larger-than-life CG monster is challenging for even the most talented animators. OptiTrack customer Luma Pictures – the team responsible for character development, animation, and film VFX for the Über Lycan in “Underworld: Awakening” – addressed this challenge with the assistance of 12 camera S250e system, installed on-site at their Santa Monica studio.

Learn more about Luma’s pipeline  

Customer Spotlight: Luma Pictures Behind the Mocap  

Tracking Tools' New Camera Panel

Tracking Tools 2.5 Beta 1

Download the newest release of Tracking Tools which adds Flex 13 support, a new camera management panel, enhanced calibration and point cloud solving, and a new UI theme.

  Download 64-bit
  Download 32-bit

Changes include:

  • Added support for Flex 13 devices
  • Added new UI Theme
  • Added new camera/sync panel
  • Improved calibration large volumes
  • Increased max number of 3D markers from 256 to 512

Visit the download page or forum thread for more information.

ARENA & Expression 1.8.1 Beta 1

ARENA & Expression 1.8.1 Beta 1

New beta releases are available for ARENA and Expression software, which include support for the new Flex 13. We invite you to try the software and share your feedback with us.

  Download Beta

Changes include:

  • Added support for Flex 13 devices
  • Added double click on asset manager to set current take, trajectory and scene video
  • Added Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B to play takes forward and backward
  • Added rotating assigned markers around bone origin
  • Added option to stream unlabeled markers
  • Added left and right keys to advance frame in edit mode
  • Improved calibration for large volumes

Visit the download page or forum thread for more information.

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