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      September 2012 Issue

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Introducing the Prime 41. Production-ready mocap for large volumes.

Introducing the Prime 41

Production-ready mocap for large volumes—now shipping to customers around the world.

Industry leading precision

The Prime 41 delivers pixel for pixel performance that outclasses all other cameras—at less than a third of the competition’s prices. Learn more  

Prime 41
Prime 41 range test

Unprecedented range

The Prime 41s 100 foot camera-to-marker range is the best in its class, exceeding even the performance of visible red and near-infrared cameras. Learn more  


Intuitive design

In designing the Prime 41, we considered the complete lifetime of a motion capture camera. Each process is elegantly accommodated with a nod to simplicity and usability. Learn more  

Prime 41

Production-ready volumes

A large volume juggernaut, the Prime 41 yields capture volumes up to 75' × 150’ from a perimeter-only camera setup—with precise, noise-free data throughout. Learn more  

Prime 41

Prime 41 Tech Specs

Resolution: 2048 × 2048
Frame Rate: 180 FPS
I/O: GigE/PoE+
Price: $6,499

Ready to upgrade your existing system to Prime 41s? Many customers have resold their used systems in the OptiTrack Marketplace on our forums.


A huge thanks to our awesome mocap performers—Noreen, Whendy, and Omar—who treated SIGGRAPH attendees to some phenomenal hip-hop and go-go dancing. Even our 3D artist Shagan jumped into the mix, joining our dancers on stage for some four actor capture as the show wound to a close.

Four actor body and finger capture, in real-time. Mocap Shenanigans   Veni, vidi, vici—SIGGRAPH 2012 through our eyes. Photo Gallery  

Customer Spotlight: Nvizage

UK previs specialists Nvizage used body and virtual camera mocap from OptiTrack on Universal’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” to bring in six major sequences and over 320 shots. The Insight VCS became the crew’s window into a world that blurred the line between real and make-believe.

Learn more about how The Mill and OptiTrack customer Nvizage provided VFX and previs for Snow White at CGSociety  

Show us your work

Whether you’re an indie dev working on your first game, a VFX studio wanting to promote your work on the latest blockbuster, or a university breaking new ground in robotics, we love to hear how you’re using OptiTrack in your pipeline.

We love to highlight great OptiTrack application stories via our newsletter, press releases, case studies and our press coverage.

To share your work, reach out to us at marketing@naturalpoint.com.


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