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OptiTrack Logo May 1, 2013

Hallelujah. Motive is here.

Featuring simplified workflows and a totally redesigned tracking core, Motive is a FREE upgrade for eligible Arena and Tracking Tools customers. New features include:

  • 64-bit, multi-threaded architecture for massive scalability
  • 10x improvement in calibration speed for medium and high camera counts
  • Enhanced tracking and labeling, for the best possible 3D precision
  • Free and open dev tools, offering a completely accessible data pipeline

Motive:Body   $2,999

For body and prop tracking, including precision finger tracking in large volumes with high subject counts.

Motive:Tracker   $999

For tracking objects in six degrees of freedom (6DoF) with exacting precision and high frame rates.

Are you upgrading from ARENA or Tracking Tools?

If your ARENA and/or Tracking Tools license is current, you can download Motive and start using it today. No purchase necessary.

  1. Check your license to see if it is current.
  2. If it is not, then purchase maintenance to bring it up-to-date.
  3. Download and start using Motive.

Read our Motive Upgrade FAQ entry for more information.

Learn more about Motive

Download Motive

User Spotlight: Game On Audio

User Spotlight: Game On Audio

Check out the amazing mocap work Game On Audio is doing in support of the upcoming Thief game!

Game Informer coverage trailer for Thief
Game Informer behind the scenes mocap feature

Game On Audio Gallery

Game On Audio Gallery


“The Motive software suite is unparalleled. It has allowed us to design and build a very large capture stage, and gave us the confidence to capture more actors in longer takes.”

Chuck Ghislandi
Motion & Animation Director
Game On Audio