April 2014

Prime 13

Prime 13

Our newest Prime camera delivers 40′ camera-to-marker range, sub-mm 3D precision, and high-speed capture—all in a surprisingly compact and affordable package

  • 1.3 MP resolution
  • 240 FPS capture rate
  • 56° x 46° field of view
  • GigE/PoE interface


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Track setups up to 45' x 45'.

Don’t be fooled by the Prime 13’s small size or price—it offers impressive range alongside a generous FOV, capable of tracking in setups up to 45′ × 45′.

2.7" square signature with invisible 850nm IR illumination.

A diminutive 2.7″ square signature and invisible 850nm IR illumination are perfect for applications that require a discreet tracking system.

Aim Assist for single operator setup.

Aim Assist technology enables a single operator to aim cameras in seconds.

Synchronized, calibrated reference video.

Any Prime 13 can be converted from a tracking camera into a synchronized, calibrated reference camera with a single mouse click.

On-camera status indicator.

Monitor camera activity based on a ring of customizable RGB LEDs mounted on the camera face.


Scalable GigE interface.

The Prime 13’s GigE interface offers a highly scalable alternative to our USB-based Flex 13, enabling higher camera counts and larger setup areas.

Fast glass M12 lens options.

Super low distortion, “fast glass” lenses yield larger volumes and cleaner data.

Filter Switcher

Alternate between IR and visible spectrum imaging with our Filter Switcher technology.

Flexible compatibility, for expanding existing setups.

Integrate Prime 13 cameras alongside the Prime 41, Prime 17W, Prime 13W or S250e.

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