Marker Configurator

New Marker Configurator

Check out our easy-to-use marker configurator, and create the perfect marker set for any application. Mix and match to build thousands of different options.

Markers, Bases & Adhesives

Premium markers and bases custom designed for exceptional motion capture accuracy. With precision threaded M3 and M4 variants, as well as a snap-on option, we offer markers and bases for any application.



Precision spheres with 3M 7610 reflective tape in multiple sizes.

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Choose from multiple sizes, and from both injection molded nylon and rubber.

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Choose from rubber, acrylic, velcro and skin tape to suit your needs.

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Marker Sample Kit

Marker Sample Kit

Indecisive? We’ve put together a kit with a few units of every marker accessory we sell. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Calibration Wands & Squares

The Micron Series Calibration Wands and Squares are designed for extremely precise calibrations of small to medium sized capture volumes. Machined out of solid Invar, a material with a uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion (CoE), the Wands remain calibrated throughout a wide temperature range. Each wand is factory calibrated and labeled. Calibration accuracy: standard deviation of 2 microns.

Motive 1.10

Motive 1.10.0 features native NI-DAQ device support, Bertec force plate integration, improved marker labeling tools, and rigid body solver optimizations for latency and tracking accuracy. This release enhances the performance and usability of Motive for several applications including VR, drone tracking, robot tracking, movement sciences, animation and others.