Motive 1.7 is here.

Calibration Engine 2.0, scripting tools, new external sync methods & over 100 additional enhancements.

Motive 1.7 is here — Calibration Engine 2.0, scripting tools, new external sync methods & 100+ additional enhancements.

Calibration Engine 2.0

Motive's newest calibration engine—used to produce the world's largest PCAP and mocap stages—is now available to all Motive users. This new engine offers up to 10x faster calibration speeds while producing substantially better marker reconstruction quality.


Motive 1.7 feels like a completely new application. I've worked in mocap for 15 years, and it has never been this easy to run a shoot. I'm delivering data before the actors have changed out of their suits.

— Jan Zamecnik, Motion Capture Supervisor at Warhorse Studios


New Scripting Tools

Motive Batch Processor

Motive Batch Processor

The Motive Batch Processor is a stand-alone application that can be utilized to process Motive Take files via IronPython or C# scripts.

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NMotive Framework

A new scripting framework, and the foundation of the Motive Batch Processor, which allows developers to interact with core Motive functionality through scripts that can be run independently from the application.

New on-camera filtering

Our new marker segmentation and circularity filtering better identifies objects in the camera's view, resulting in cleaner 3D reconstructions and reduced post-processing.

Improved Trajectorization

Both live 3D recording and offline reconstruction algorithms have been improved to produce trajectories that are more contiguous with fewer swaps.

New sync methods

The eSync now supports a high-speed clock output, along with several new trigger options, improving integration with force plates and other analog acquisition devices.

Capture huge takes via Motive's new streamed file format

Motive’s new take file format utilizes data streaming, allowing very long take recordings limited only by available hard drive space. Take files load and keep only what is needed in memory, so even very large take files can be edited smoothly.

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Unsure if you are eligible for this release?

  1. Check your license to see if it is current up through November 17, 2014.
  2. If it is not, then you can purchase maintenance extensions as needed to bring it up-to-date.
  3. Download and start using Motive.

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