Unreal Plugin

Track anything—in 3D or VR

Our free Unreal Engine integration connects your virtual objects and characters to their real-world counterparts. Easily attach markers to any physical prop to instantly create a VR motion controller, then use it to drive the position and orientation of any Unreal Actor. Tracking data is streamed from the Motive software to one or more participating client applications using the NatNet protocol.

Warehouse-scale VR headset tracking

Our world-class optical tracking data is fused with the inertial sensors built into the HMD to produce outstanding results in an area of virtually any size and scope.

Real-time full body animation retargeting

With full integration to Unreal Engine 4, IKinema LiveAction delivers the highest of quality solving and retargeting. Speedy workflow allows drag and drop in your virtual production environment to animate virtual characters from live MoCap data. Add real-time filters, drop-out compensation and penetration to produce perfectly animated avatars during live takes.