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Slim 13E


Low cost, high precision.
Active tracking perfected.

perspective front side back
1.3 MP
+/- 0.30 mm
3D accuracy1
240 FPS
frame rate

Active tracking perfected. Featuring a discreet profile and black matte finish, it excels in VR, AR, and drone tracking applications.

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MediaMonks / Czarnowski
Jack Ryan Experience
The largest outdoor VR adventure ever built, promoting the Amazon Prime Video series at ComiCon 2018.
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The Void
Immersive Virtual Reality
Uses 43 Slim 13Es to track players, HMDs, StrikerVR weapons, and real world props for each of their 30 re-configurable stages.
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The Lion King
Upended traditional CGI film methods by filming in a giant tracking area with Slim 13Es, while tracking drones, virtual cameras, HMD's, subjects and objects.
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VR Tactical Training
Uses Slim 13Es to track personnel, HMDs, and weapons for live VR first responder and military training exercises.
Active markers

Optimized for Signature Pulse Active. Tracks active markers with incredibly high precision, with positional errors less than +/- 0.3 mm and rotational errors less than 0.5 degrees.

Slim 13E is only compatible with Signature Pulse Active2 markers.

Small footprint, lightweight. The Slim 13E’s 2.7″ square signature and 12 ounce weight are perfect for applications which require a discreet tracking system.

240 FPS

High frame-rate capture. The Slim 13E’s 240 FPS native capture rate and image stopping global shutter is ideal for measurement tasks of people and objects moving at speeds up to 125mph.

PrimeX series cameras

Mix and match cameras. Any camera in the Prime and Primex family can be used with the Slim 13E to create the optimal configuration for any use case. That is 11 different cameras that can be chosen to deliver the highest 3D accuracy in any environment.

Prime Lens

“Fast glass” M12 lenses. We custom design our own super low distortion, “fast glass” lenses for optimal marker tracking. The Slim 13E’s standard 3.5mm and optional 4.5mm lens are treated with a wide band anti-reflective coating, dramatically increasing light transmission to the imager, yielding larger volumes and more precise 3D data.

Filter Options. Switch between IR and visible spectrum imaging with our software selectable Filter Switcher, or select a band-pass filter to more thoroughly eliminate interference from other light sources.
850nm band-pass | 800nm/700nm FS

Object imaging mode

Powerful on-board image processing. All OptiTrack cameras feature integrated image processing. The algorithms which identify markers and marker centers, and the sequence of data delivery are important steps to achieve both world leading accuracy and low latency.

Status Indicator

On-camera status indicator. Your OptiTrack system will let you know what it’s up to with the user definable color LED indicator. Recording a performance? Everyone on set knows the system is recording. Select a camera? It instantly changes color. Have your own idea? Simple software controls help you make it so.


Full resolution grayscale reference video. Slim 13E can be used as a reference video source - with synchronized, calibrated 3D overlay. Deliver and/or record full resolution, full frame rate video with 3D overlay of markers, rigid bodies, skeletons, etc.

Red camera

External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code. Synchronize Slim 13E to any signal or source with the eSync 2 with all the functionality and flexibility you’d expect with a professional tracking system. The camera syncs to dozens of sources including a professional cameras’ Genlock signal, where record and other event triggering can be managed from general purpose inputs and software commands.

Use the sync output signal as a master or to trigger force plates, EMGs and National Instrument DAQs for flexible yet precise hardware synchronization. Highly accurate frame timing can also be achieved with SMTPE Time Code for ease in editing and logging. OptiTrack’s free and open SDK allows for further customization within the timing protocols.

Volume setup

Expert system configuration for any space. OptiTrack has built over 10,000 tracking systems in areas of all shapes and sizes. Our experts can help guide you on the most economical and suitable tracking system for your needs—for today and the future.

Motive screens
Before Continuous Calibration
Motive screens
After Continuous Calibration

It’s more than just cameras. In addition to the essentials to which you’ve grown accustomed, you’ll also discover several new software features that will make you wonder how you ever got along without them. Enjoy innovations like our Continuous Calibration, where a wand wave is required on first installation only, then calibrates automatically just by using the system. No longer does the calibration degrade over time, temperature change, or after cameras are bumped

2D Object Data
2D Object Data
Reconstructed 3D Points
Reconstructed 3D Points
Rigid Bodies
Rigid Bodies

OEM & computer vision integration. Incorporate Slim 13E cameras into OEM tracking or computer vision applications via the free SDK, a C/C++ interface for control of and access to raw camera frames, image processing modes, camera settings, 2D object data, camera synchronization and all 3D data.

SlimX 13
Slim 13E
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Compare Cameras

Compare cameras
3D accuracy referenced is typical for a 30'×30' (9m×9m) tracking area. Range is estimated using a 14 mm marker with cameras at an exposure of 800, gain of 6, and the lowest f-stop.

Signature Pulse Active markers provide their own unique ID, resulting in 100% error free labels. When introduced into the tracking area, the LED markers are acquired in < 0.1 seconds. Unique marker placements based on spatial separation, normally required for passive marker tracking, are not required for distinguishing multiple rigid bodies.