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OptiTrack for Robotics

OptiTrack real time tracking systems are the world’s choice for low latency, precision 6DoF tracking for ground and aerial robotics (UAV’s). We produce the most precise and easy to use indoor and outdoor positioning systems for input into all the major control systems.

KMel Robotics

KMel Robotics

Bringing quadrotors to life

Precision Accuracy

Exceptional 3D precision and accuracy

OptiTrack systems, coupled with our new Micron Series calibration tools, produce the most precise 3D data available today—capable of sub-20 µm accuracy in optimal conditions.

Perfectly optimized 3D accuracy is at the heart of our robotics tracking systems. OptiTrack’s drone and ground robot tracking systems consistently produce positional error less than 0.3mm and rotational error less than 0.05°.  It varies mildly on the capture environment, but it is often even better than those figures.

Mac Schwager Headshot
"The key performance parameters for us are high data rate, low latency and high precision. We have found that OptiTrack meets and exceeds our expectations in all of these."

Mac Schwager, PhD

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Boston University

PrimeX 22

Primex 22 for $ 3,999

79° FOV, 360 FPS

High-speed, low-latency tracking

From high-speed cameras featuring image-stopping global shutters and fast-discharge LEDs to a pipeline that processes data from photon to rigid body solve, OptiTrack has been engineered for speed.

Incredible range

OptiTrack cameras offer the best range in the industry, by huge margins. The long-range specialist Prime 41 is able to see a 16 mm passive marker from over 100’ away.

Rigid body swarm

Powerful, flexible rigid body tracking

OptiTrack’s worldwide reputation for easy to use tools is evident in every keystroke and mouse click within Motive’s robotics tracking solutions. Track an object of just about any size or shape—and get operating without head scratching—in seconds.

Set your object’s origin and preferred axis easily and accurately; adding or removing markers at any time to ensure perfect tracking. You can even share markers between rigid bodies. Then, use Motive’s high-level filters and constraints to fine tune the tracking performance—perfect for demanding applications like high-density, high-speed UAV tracking.

Rigid Body Large Volume Real-time solver

Rock-solid real-time solver

OptiTrack’s advanced rigid body solver is the best in the industry, delivering flawless 6DoF (degrees of freedom) data over wide areas with multiple targets.

Eric Plante Headshot
"OptiTrack cameras provide the fast accuracy that we need, and the open SDK allows us to use them in the context that we need – outside traditional motion capture."

Eric Plante

General Manager at VYV

Aim Assist Aim Assist
Aim Assit Aim Assist Camera

Setup is easy

An OptiTrack pipeline is straightforward, offering several unique features that combine to reduce system setup time by up to 75%. Aim Assist, auto-masking, versatile hardware and the industry's longest range cameras make even large systems easy to setup with just one person.

"The system works out of the box. The robot tracking is robust and calibration is simple."

Mark Hoepflinger, PhD

Autonomous Systems Lab
ETH Zurich

Mocap Outdoors in the Sun

Outdoor capture, out of the box

Featuring ultra-powerful strobes and custom-engineered band-pass filters, Prime Series cameras can track reflective markers outside, in full sunlight—ideal for tracking quadrotors in bright environments, without adding the weight and complexity of active markers.  All OptiTrack cameras can track the same sized marker outdoors at about half their indoor distance.  Of course, you can always use larger markers to increase range, or use active markers for extreme distances.

The industry's most open optical tracking architecture

Our free developer tools provide access to camera images, centroids, reconstructed 3D points, rigid body 6DoF position and orientation, and nearly everything in between. Our Natnet SDK provides free, open, and well documented access to OptiTrack’s real time stream for easy integration into your control system.  Stream data unicast or multicast, Y up or Z up with a single click, stream into industry standards including VRPN and trackd. Have a look at our Developer Hub for more information.

eSync Graphic

eSync for $ 2,199

OptiHub for $ 329

External synchronization via eSync 2 & OptiHub 2

Integrate your OptiTrack system with other devices via external sync in/out for slave and triggering events. Utilize either frame triggers or free-run triggering to synchronize frame cycling with external software controls and hardware components like shutter glasses.

Website Pricing Screenshot

Affordable pricing, right on the website

Accessible pricing is at the heart of our effort to democratize motion capture. Simply put, you will not find production-ready motion capture priced more competitively than an OptiTrack system. If you want to learn which system is right for your budget, head over to our System Configurator to compare specs and prices.

Fit more cameras into your budget

Our low pricing means you can either double the camera count you could afford from the competition, or build an even better performing system that will cost half as much. Now, read that line one more time - we’ve changed the industry forever.

Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41 Prime 41
Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera Other Camera
OptiTrack’s functionality and price relative to other products was unparalleled; it met 100% of our needs at a fifth of the cost.

Craig Chapman, PhD

University of Alberta

Daniel Mellinger Headshot
OptiTrack is amazing. We pushed our Prime 41 cameras to the limit, and their support team was with us every step of the way. Our ambitions paid off, and we were able to get a lot of interesting shots that we didn’t even think were possible when we started.

Daniel Mellinger

Co-founder at KMel Robotics

In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

Central to OptiTrack's blend of high performance and low price is our in-house manufacturing facility, located at our Oregon HQ. Because we're able to mill, etch, solder, assemble and calibrate every major component of our hardware on-site, we can pay meticulous attention to the quality and performance of your system.

Red Ethernet Cable

Off-the-shelf I/O technology

OptiTrack systems incorporate off-the-shelf interfaces like Cat6 Ethernet and USB, so securing a replacement is as simple as a trip to the electronics store.

Join the world's largest motion capture community

OptiTrack users form the largest community of motion capture professionals in the world. From enabling a quadriplegic to drive a race car with his head, to creating the largest volume in history, to teaching robots to fly—together, they are accomplishing remarkable things. Come join our public forums, where you can talk shop with other users, as well as the OptiTrack support and dev teams.